Registered Dental Hygienist

My patients, by far and away, are the best part of my work. I love to get to know each person so I can give them the individual care they deserve, and so I can develop a better understanding of their dental needs and overall health. As I learn about their lifestyle and hobbies, I talk with them about home dental hygiene processes that will work with their needs. In addition to cleaning teeth and providing periodontal therapy, I spend a lot of my day educating patients and motivating them to improve their oral health so they’ll have years of great smiles.

I’ve spent my life in Colorado. I love being with my husband John, and two children, Jenna and Jason. We have three horses, a dog, two cats, and chickens. As a family, we enjoy being outdoors, riding horses, camping, boating, and snowmobiling together.

“Effort is like toothpaste, you can always squeeze out a little more.”